Below is a MUST HAVE list of Business Essential tools you need to be even more successful in your business!  Click the pictures below to learn more about each tool!

FREE Downloads:


downloadFree Audio Series: 4 Keys to Success in 2018 and Beyond

Whether you are struggling or succeeding, this FREE FINANCIAL MASTERY AUDIO SERIES  will provide you with a fresh perspective from two accomplished women who have been training and thriving in the self-development & network marketing industries for over twenty years.



Entrepreneur Blueprint for Success

Ever rated yourself in the key areas of your business?  Now is your chance for FREE!  Be candid with yourself in your ratings. Your outcome will determine where you want to focus time and create strategies for improvement. The purpose is to help you become even more successful in your growing business.



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Blueprint for Direct Sales Success

Download this assessment to actually rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 6 in key areas of your business.   Be candid with yourself in your ratings. Your outcome will determine where you want to focus time and create strategies for improvement. The purpose is to help you become even more productive in your Direct Sales business.



Digital Management:



Social Media Management:

Need to post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?  Want to set up Facebook Parties or Business Presentations once and use them over & over again.  CinchShare does all this and so much more….



shuffleDigital Business Card:

My new favorite tool!  Digital business cards to share via text or email.  Client follow-up system in the app.  A MUST have for all master networkers!

Increase your prospects, improve your follow-up, and close more sales with Shuffle.  It’s a mobile networking app.  Instantly share your digital business card with a simple swipe of your finger.  Stand out and engage your prospects with interactive and beautifully designed cards.  Links to all your social media, websites and even insert videos.  Check out Alice’s Digital Business Card by clicking here!



Financial and Taxes:

The largest block to achieving the financial success and freedom most of us desire is in our mindset, our habits, and our beliefs around money.  The Lucky B programs have helped me release and declutter the blocks to my bank account growing exponentially.  I highly recommend the following programs:


taxTaxbot Expense and Mileage Tracker

Taxbot is one of the only accounting products that focuses on IRS (and CRA) compliance. At the end of the year you can print off an AuditSafe™ Report. Send this report to your accountant and it will make tax preparation easy.




Daily Gratitude, Planning & Affirmations:

gratitudeDaily Greatness Journal

My friends all know I am in love with journals!  The Daily Greatness Journal is one of my favorites.  Plan, review, be grateful, be inspired, and just plain keep your life on track.  In addition to the original journal, they have business, yoga, training, parents, and wellness journals.  You can begin your journey any day of the year!





visionistaVisionista Connection

Lynn Bardowski, the Million $ Party Girl, has created an exceptional program for Direct Sales Leaders and Party Plan Reps.  Lynn built a multi-million dollar business.  She is a Facebook Party expert.  Let her share with you on a daily basis how to explode your business.




Personal Development:

True confessions…..I am a Book-a-holic.  I LOVE BOOKS!!!  I love reading.  I also love listening to books while I exercise or drive.  You have heard it before, and you will hear it again and again.  You must grow to become the person you need to be to have your goals.


Here are a few of my favorites.  Honestly, the list could go on forever.