Alice Hinckley is a dynamic trainer and admired mentor for entrepreneurs especially women building a business in direct sales or network marketing.  With over twenty-five years’ experience as an entrepreneur, Alice recognizes one small change or step can produce far-reaching results.  She is passionate about empowering people to excel in all areas of life.  Over the past decade, Alice has gained particular popularity with women in the network marketing and direct sales industry by helping women create steady income from a home-based business.

Alice brings extensive experience to her presentations with a background in personal development, mortgage & real estate, network marketing & direct selling, accounting & income tax, coaching & speaking, event production, business development, and mentoring & training.  Alice has achieved the coveted President’s Club in both corporate America and direct selling.  She has traveled the globe with inspirational speakers while maintaining her own accounting practice.

As a top-rated speaker and mentor, Alice’s engaging style coupled with her experience captures audiences of one to one thousand.  Her goal is to strategically prepare her audience with simple tools they can implement immediately to begin improving the results in their business.

Alice has a reputation for an insightful, pragmatic approach to business and life.  She has shared her experience and wisdom in many ways including:

  • Author
    • Nail it in 90 for Direct Sales & Network Marketing, Co-Author with Kim Johnson
    • Building Lifetime Relationships, Co-Author with Melynda Lilly
    • Soar2Success When You Think Like a CEO, Co-Author with Elizabeth McCormick
    • Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition Volume 4, Contributing Author
    • Behind Her Brand: Women of Influence, Co-Author
    • Women Entrepreneur Extraordinarie, Contributing Author


  • Speaker
    • Ambitious Women’s Conference, 2008-2017, Main Stage & Breakout Sessions
    • Keynote for groups including Plaid for Women, Norwex Team Sparkle, Rising Stars of Ruby Ribbon, Addison Women, Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, American Business Women’s Association, and more.
    • Full day training for corporations including over 270 presentations in the last several years. Topics presented: Time & Task Management, Business Writing for Professionals, Dealing with Difficult Personalities, Embracing & Leading Change, Finance & Accounting, Leadership & Management Skills for Women, Communicating with Professionalism, Email in the Workplace, and more.

Alice is available as a keynote presenter, break-out speaker, webinar or conference call trainer and workshop leader.  Allow Alice to assist in making your event a success.


Alice’s Speaking Topics

Network Your Way to Direct Sales Success

Women in Direct Sales/Network Marketing often struggle with making connections to grow their business.  Where do you find prospects to test your product, join your team or host an event?  How do you gain immediate rapport with them to open the conversation about your business?  Learn proven conversational techniques to have your prospect asking you about your product or service.


Master Networking for Lifetime Relationships

Do you make new contacts for your business but never connect effectively?  Learn strategies for where to invest your networking efforts and effortlessly make a strong connection for long-term results.  Determine a step-by-step method for optimizing your time with each new contact and set expectations for a mutually lucrative lifetime business relationship.


Making Time in a Busy World

It’s impossible to find time or create time because we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. What strategies can you embrace to make the hours in each day more productive and efficient for you? Learn concepts like time blocking, finding your prime time, planning to make each day a success, reducing time wasters, setting expectations & boundaries around your time, and more.


Nail It In 90!

Where will you be in 90 days? The time will come and go whether you set a strategy to reach a goal or just allow the time to pass by. What if one simple step each day could create the momentum you need to declutter your house or take your business to another level? Discover the Nail It In 90 program to get crystal clear on your goal and let it guide you systematically toward your goal.


Think Like a CEO

Address the challenge most entrepreneurs have in being reactive instead of proactive. Address how to manage yourself, your finances, your time and your team. By implementing immediate, small changes that create a large degree of positive results. Walk away with a plan to improve the area that frustrates you the most.


Team Building with Instant Rapport

How do you have immediate rapport when meeting new team members in person or over the phone? Do you actively listen to the other person? How does your tone of voice influence the conversation? What is your physiology saying to the other person? Let’s upgrade your rapport-building skills to engage your team members and build loyalty to your organization?



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